Readymade and DIY Skylights

Our readymade and DIY range includes our Coverlite awnings, Tubelite and Supertube, and a variety of shapes and sizes in the Rainbowlite range.


Awnings for doors and windows

The Coverlite awning range provides beautiful, maintenance-free, leak-proof and cost-effective sheltering for windows and doors. The awnings are built into a sturdy powder-coated aluminium frame, ensuring a leak-proof and maintenance-free product.

Rainbow Tubelite and Supertube

The Rainbow Tubelite and Supertube offer the most cost-effective and hassle-free means of brightening up any interior with natural light. Designed for quick and easy installation, these products are available in kit form or DIY with step-by-step manual instructions. The tubular design removes the need for roof structural changes, and the bendable body of the tube can be maneuvered to for installation almost anywhere.

Standard Rainbowlite Range

A standard range in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without ventilation.