Green and cost effective industrial and commercial lighting

The average commercial building spends about 30% of its electricity bill on lighting costs. Rainbow Skylight’s Rainbowlite Eco and Multilight Eco systems are designed to illuminate commercial and industrial interiors with natural light, offering a cost-effective natural light solution and long-term savings of up to 80% in daytime lighting costs, and an investment payback of 2 to 4 years. Using natural light in warehouses, large stores and factories reduces the need for daytime artificial lighting, which means lower electricity bills and a positive environmental impact through energy savings.

Boost work productivity. Improve sales and traffic in shopping malls.

Natural light is good for business. Studies have shown that regular exposure to natural light enhances work performance and general well being. Rainbowlite Eco and Multilight Eco’s glazing materials transmit high lux levels, whilst preserving building insulation for a comfortable working and retail environment.

The result: A better ambience, a happier workforce and increased factory production.

High quality glazing materials and smart design

Like all Rainbow Skylight products, the Rainbowlite Eco and Multilight Eco are manufactured using high quality glazing materials that have undergone rigorous quality testing. High quality meets smart design with both products featuring a unique self-flashing and waterproofing system, ensuring ease of installation for both new and retro-fitted roofing installations.

Local guarantee and back-up service

Because the Rainbowlite Eco and Multilight Eco are manufactured in South Africa, local clients benefit from a local guarantee and and back-up service.

 Rainbowlite EcoMultilight Eco
Glazing materialDouble glazed dome
Internal dome: solid opal cast acrylic
External dome: solid high impact acrylic
12mm Clear Multilight (Danpalon) co-extruded with a UV and an opaque Softlite coating
FrameHeavy duty aluminium frame
Self-flashing and self-waterproofing
Self-flashing heavy duty aluminium frame
Quality testing and accreditationsSANS 613: Performance tested through AAAMSA for SA National Standards Authority compliance
SANS 6120: Hail tested by CSIR
ASTM E-822-81: Sandbag impact test - Panel repels hailstones of 25mm at a velocity of '21m/sec - no penetration.
ASTM E-283: Our Multilight product has undergone performance tests through ASHRAE to conform to the American Society for Testing and Materials .
Energy performance- Visible Light Transmission: 65%
- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:0.49
- U-Factor: 3.6 W/m2 K
- Visible Light Transmission: 64%
- Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.61
-U-Factor: 1.84W/m2 K